Online Customer Payment Information Database

Secure Card on File Storage for Recurring Customers (PCI Level 1 compliant)

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A web based Secure Hosted Customer Payment Information Manager providing your business with a comprehensive system to manage and store all Customer Payment Information in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant manner. Perfect if you have recurring customers!

Features and Benefits

  • All credit card data is securely stored on United Payment Services PCI compliant servers eliminating the need for you to store any cardholder data at your location.  All United Payment Services systems are PCI Level 1 certified (highest PCI level).
  • Accept payments from your customers directly via email, your website, over the phone, or in person.
  • CPIM supports multiple payment profiles (multiple online credit cards) as well as multiple shipping profiles.
  • Allows easy research and reporting on payment history of a particular customer.
  • Optional Secure FTP service for automated bidirectional files transfer. Ideal for large merchants with many transactions per day and the desire to automate their order fulfillment process.  (Automated file transfers to UPS allow merchants to automatically send transactions to United Payment Services directly from their in house Ordering systems.)
  • Automated file transfers back to the merchant and allows the merchant to automatically update their in house Account Receivable systems.
  • Includes virtual website with an integrated shopping cart made to look exactly like your business, as well as, email link templates to seamlessly collect payments from your customers in a “” checkout and “My Account” support.
  • No size limit, online customer database accessible and maintainable via manual (VT), automated (API) and bulk methods (Secure File Transfer).
  • End-to-End PCI compliant solution. Merchant never has access to any portion of the credit card other than the masked card number.
  • Unlimited number of credit cards on file securely stored and ready for quick and easy “token” transaction processing via manual (VT), automated (API) and bulk methods (Secure File Transfer).
  • Automatically sends email notification to customer when nearing expiration. Email includes a “click here to update your account” link.


 •   Customer Search
 •   Customer Information
 •   Payment Profiles
 •   Shipping Profiles
 •   Virtual Terminal


Complete User Guide

Included with

 •   Phone Order Solutions
 •   eCommerce Solutions
 •   Corporate Solutions

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