No Effort PCI Compliance

100% End to End Level 1 PCI Compliance

No Effort PCI Compliance - No one should come between you and your customers...except for us! Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is mandatory and can be expensive, complicated and result in serious fines. It is all about handling credit card information in a secure and often complex encrypted manner. Using United Connect® payment software (PCI Level 1), we securely collect all credit card information directly from your customers providing your business 100% PCI compliance without any effort or imposition to you or your customers.

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PCI Compliance

The PCI Challenge

“How can my business EASILY obtain end-to-end PCI compliance, without costing a fortune, imposing on my customers, or impacting my operations?”

Particularly for MOTO and ecommerce merchants, PCI compliance is often complex and requires many areas of technical expertise. True end-to-end compliance not only affects service providers but requires scrutiny into the merchants’ in house payment processes and procedures. A merchant using a PCI Level 1 service provider does not guarantee end-to-end PCI compliance. Merchants often accept and retain credit card data in faxes, spreadsheets, and emails and store them in their in house order management systems for current payments as well as for ease of future recurring customer payments.

Furthermore, as customers become more and more aware of ID and credit card theft, they will gravitate towards merchants that they are confident are handling their information securely.

Solution: No Effort PCI Compliance

No one should come between you and your customers...except for us! Using the proprietary United Connect® payment software (PCI Level 1), we securely collect all credit card information directly from your customers providing you 100% PCI compliance without any effort or imposition to your customers. Our "chameleon" website technology allows our secure website to look like it belongs to your company, so your customers will never know we are involved.

The United Connect ® Customer Payment Information Manager w/ Customer Web Access (CPIM w/CWA) module provides a way for merchants to not only increase their process efficiency through automation, but do so in a “no effort” end-to-end PCI compliant manner.

The module has two main components :

1. United Connect ® hosted secure database of your customers and one or more of their credit cards. Transactions are conducted using a merchant assigned Customer Number “token”. Customer data is maintained by the merchant via a manual online console, a Secure FTP file transfer, or by a SOAP/XML API. The customers’ payment information is maintained via the second component.

2. A merchant customizable, United Connect® hosted, secure website enabling your customers to self manage their payment data. This website can be skinned to look exactly like your company website and provide functionality for your customers to maintain their own credit card information as well as make payments. Merchants can easily integrate customer payment maintenance as well as payment collection into their own website or include simple links in email messages. The system automatically notifies merchants’ customers when credit cards are due to expire with a “click here” to update my account link in the email.


  • Low cost, “No Effort” PCI Compliance
  • Comprehensive system to manage and store all Customer Payment Information in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant manner.
  • Seamlessly integrate the payment processing of your customers with your company’s ecommerce website, simple email messages and your in house order/ payment management system.
  • Use API to automate time consuming tasks currently done manually
  • Accept payments from your customers directly via email, your website, over the phone, or in person.
  • Super easy to bill recurring customers fast and accurate


  • End-to-End PCI compliant solution. Merchant never has access to any portion of the credit card other than the masked card number.
  • Includes virtual website with an integrated shopping cart made to look exactly like your business, as well as, email link templates to seamlessly collect payments from your customers in a “” checkout and “My Account” support.
  • No size limit, online customer database accessible and maintainable via manual (VT), automated (API) and bulk methods (Secure File Transfer).
  • Unlimited number of credit cards on file securely stored and ready for quick and easy “token” transaction processing via manual (VT), automated (API) and bulk methods (Secure File Transfer).
  • Automatically sends email notification to customer when nearing expiration. Email includes a “click here to update your account” link.

PCI Compliance Program with Rapid Comply

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Your merchant account security is a primary concern of United Payment Services. That is why we maintain the highest level of payment card industry (PCI) compliance (Service Provider Level 1). PCI Compliance is mandatory for all merchants that accept credit/debit payments. Security breaches can be devastating to a business resulting in loss of revenue, substantial fines, as well as potential legal actions by damaged parties. That is why we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Rapid Comply, a PCI approved scanning vendor (ASV), to provide your business with a comprehensive set of PCI Compliance tools so you can manage and validate your business' PCI Compliance.

All United Payment Services merchant accounts come with our PCI Compliance Program and the Rapid Comply merchant compliance portal, including easy to use compliance validation tools and specialized toll free customer service and technical support.

The United Payment Services proprietary, PCI Level 1 United Connect® Suite of Business Applications has many features which can drastically reduce your business' PCI scope (making PCI Compliance easier) while improving your business' payment acceptance processes. For example, with Connect Customers®, you can easily store all of your recurring customer's credit card information on our servers and quickly access them to bill your customers safely and securely at any time.

With our PCI Compliance Program and partnership with Rapid Comply, PCI Compliance is as easy as 1-2-3. Click Here for more information, or to log in to Rapid Comply.

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