Lowest Overall Cost, Guaranteed - If we cannot beat the overall cost of a competitor, you get $100!

Nearly all merchant account providers price their services diffently. However, when taking all the associated fees that you will pay over the next year for your merchant account processing United Payment Services will be the lowest.

In order to take advantage of the guarantee, merchants must provide either a complete schedule of fees from a verifiable competitor or two month's current processing statements along with the original contract or agreement. If any fees are not stated clearly, we may ask that the merchant provide the information. We can not honor the guarantee if we are not provided with all requested information.

When comparing costs, we will include all costs including, but not limited to, any hardware, software, third party services, account set-up, statement, customer service, termination, PCI, Regulatory or annual fees. We will project these costs based on the merchant's monthly charge volume, business type, credit history and any other pertinent factors in order to get the true costs of each offer. Upon our honoring the guarantee, the merchant has 5 business days to complete a United Payment Services account application. If the merchant does not complete the application within this time, we retain the right to void the guarantee. United Payment Services will not be required to beat any subsequent offers presented by the same merchant.

The low cost guarantee will be dependant on the merchant being approved for a merchant account. In the case where a merchant is not approved, because of circumstances out of our control, United Payment Services will make every effort to get the same offer at another processor, but can no longer honor the guarantee. If we cannot beat the competitive offer, or current costs, a check for $100 will be sent to the merchants business address within 30 days.

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