First Data FD-10 PIN Pad

First Data FD-10 The First Data FD-10 PIN pad is the perfect solution for merchants looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of debit, EBT and other Personal Identification Number (PIN) based transactions. Easily connecting to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) terminals and electronic cash registers (ECRs), the First Data FD-10 PIN pad offers a fast, simple way to accept the latest in PIN-based payments. It features improved ergonomics with large, hard rubber keys for ease of use, and a sleek new design that fits in the palm of a hand. This PIN pad also features a tactually discernible keypad that enables a visually impaired person to enter personal information necessary to process a transaction. The device is rugged and reliable, built to withstand the hard knocks at the point-of-sale.

First Data FD-10

First Data FD-10

First Data FD-10


  • High performance at an affordable price potentially means better profit margins and sales opportunities
  • Secure microprocessor and ultrasonically sealed case meet the highest security requirements
  • Connects to most POS systems, so you can accept the latest in PIN-based payments without investing in a new POS system
  • Rugged design provides superior reliability
  • Supertwist Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is easy to read in all lighting conditions
  • Monotone beeper provides audio feedback that lets users know that a key has been processed successfully
  • Two-line, 16-character display eliminates need for scrolling
  • Amply spaced keys reduce errors in data entry

Help Your Business

  • Accept PIN-secured payments at the point-of-sale
  • Achieve compliance with the latest specifications for PIN entry devices, including: Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) certification, Master Session,  Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) industry standards
  • Get full backward compatibility with previous generation PIN pads
  • Connect to most POS terminals and ECRs


  • 128 x 32 pixel LCD with 4 lines and up to 21 characters; superior graphics capabilities for graphics-based character sets


  • 16 large, hard rubber keys, including 3 function keys


  • Factory optional USB or serial connectivity


  • 3DES encryption, VeriShield Security Scripts, Master/Session and DUKPT key management; PCI PED approved; VeriShield file authentication


  • Height: 40 mm (1.57 in.); width: 80 mm (3.15 in.); depth: 145 mm (5.70 in); shipping weight 0.215kg (0.474 lb.)

Contactless Physical

  • Height: 181.1mm (7.13in); width: 83.5mm (3.29 in); depth: 40.0 mm (1.57 in); shipping weight 0.440 kg (0.97 lb.)


  • -0º to 40º C (32º to 104º F) operating temperature; 5% to 90% operating humidity, non-condensing


  • Serial: 6-16V DC 0.5A max
  • USB: 5V DC +/-5%

Contactless Power

  • Serial, USB: 8-20VDC 0.5Amp max

Contactless Applications

  • MasterCard PayPass M/Chip
  • MasterCard PayPass MagStripe
  • Visa payWave MSD
  • Visa payWave qVSDC
  • Discover Zip
  • American Express ExpressPay

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First Data FD10 PIN Pad Sales Sheet (PDF, 431KB)
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